Genius Solution for a Big Problem

Oleg Antonov a Russian aircraft designer of note, & the Antonov ASTC designers of the massive Antonov An-124-100 long range cargo aircraft, came up with a genius solution to a big problem: notably wheels/ tyres to carry & distribute the weight. So, what do you do? Custom design massive wheels/ tyres & put a few […]

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Carnaby Street 1968

Harold Wilson’s London was a Poppin’ & a Rockin’ in 1968. I was there in February & the Thames was frozen over. Brrr! Nonetheless it was an exciting time & oh so British. Cor blimey matey. My favorite haunt was Carnaby street which was bright & exciting, & not all grim & bloody gothic as […]

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We Look Like What We Do

Sorry if I’m crossing a like here but I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between The White Widow & a praying mantis (preying mantis!?). Particularly ruthless is the female. & what look like large stoned eyes, bringing to mind the multi-lenses compound eyes of the mantis. If we are what we eat, then we […]

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Virus Designer Tool of War?

Compare the attached virus & bacteria images. Viruses have designer look about them, ie. someone designed like you’d design a machine or something. Bacteria can be modified or mutated, right? The purple & the green pic are bacteria & the other pics are viruses. Athan X aka nowstuffnow Rock ‘n RAP – Silver Surfer live! […]

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Cerveceria Alemana Madrid 1969

Cervezeria Alemana Madrid 1969 I used to hang out the Cerveceria Alemana (German Beer Hall) in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid in 1969. It was the Condor Legion’s hang out during the Spanish civil war. & I remember that the bullfighters used the German staff car convertibles that were left behind to make a flambouyant […]

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