Comet Ison In Seconds

Comet Ison’s perihelion is today November 28th, 2013. & Ison will be passing Earth on December 16th, 2013 on its way back. The linear distance from Earth to sun is 148,800,000 kms (93,000,000 miles). OK, Ison won’t be approaching us in a straight line, but rather would be travelling along a hypotenuse. But let’s assume a straight line of 148,800,000, so Distance travelled in one … Continue reading Comet Ison In Seconds

WW2 Heavies: Remarkable Facts

Sepp Dietrich, Waffen-SS general & commander of Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler has the following that should be said about him: Twice complained to Hitler about his treatment of Jews. Gave the Greek army an honourable surrender. Probably would have joined Rommel in a coup against Hitler. These are the sweet fruits on his tree. His valour as a soldier made him a first amongst equals, & … Continue reading WW2 Heavies: Remarkable Facts

We Live In Interesting Times

The famous Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”. Is upon us! NASA confirms hole in the sun Athan X nowstuffnow Rock-n-RAP Blog Motto: Honing Discernment. 1. Challenge but not hurt feelings. 2. If its out there & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect? 3. Be still. God gave you Choice. WordPress on WP8 Continue reading We Live In Interesting Times

Great Men Get Murdered By Lesser Men

I’ve chosen these men for their outstanding qualities, their impact on history, & for their military background. Great Men, Men of Respect murdered by lesser Men within their own organisations. Marcus Aurelius not only a Roman emperor but a spiritual man as well. Murdered by his creepy son Comodus. Jack Kennedy (JFK) threatened To exposé the Illuminati control of America. Murdered by them. Erwin Rommel … Continue reading Great Men Get Murdered By Lesser Men