Applied Spiritual Science

This is not religion, which in my opinion is culture, but the tapping & application of Spiritual Power.
Commit your plans to God, The Lord, whatever your cultural background has taught you to call Him. & you will succeed. Because you become a channel for Spiritual Power. Wanna be a first amongst equals guitarist? Sure ya gotta practice but channel the Power & let it flow, & the Greatness Happens.
Colonel Parker when he decided to manage Elvis, made his assessment after watching the audience, not by watching Elvis.
The reason the “bad guys” get it right is because they commit to their “god” boots & all. Albeit they channel negative power.

Try it bro, sis!
The martial arts guys do this. Martial Arts are based on Zen. Focusing Spiritual Power.

Athan X nowstuffnow Rock-n-RAP
Blog Motto: Honing Discernment.
1. Challenge but not hurt feelings.
2. If its out there & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect?
3. Be still. God gave you Choice.

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