Proudly South African

Dr. Marc Faber tells it how it is “If SARS issues each of us an average R3,620 in tax refunding and we spend that money at the shopping centres or buy Springbok jerseys, the money all goes to China. If we spend it on petrol it all goes to the Arabs. If we buy a […]

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Vikings Under Feminist Yoke

. I was speaking To a Swedish descendant once, & said something like ‘You People of Germanic descent…’, he quickly corrected me & said ‘I’m not Germanic, I’m Nordic!’ & that’s the difference, Germans & Brits seem To have learnt a lot from the Romans & Jews, & have applied themselves successfully. Whereas Nordics cling […]

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Marxist Strategy

Applies in your country too Athan X nowstuffnow Rock-n-RAP-ittohell. About Honing Discernment. 1. Challenge but not hurt feelings. 2. If its out there & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect? 3. Turn on, Tune in, Be still, Know God, Make a choice. WordPress on WP8

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