[3][The Islamic manifesto]


midle east north africa revolution

the elite calender the under world

Autumn Equinox September 21going into the under world
October 10,11the under world
October 29,30the morning satr
November 15,16the engagment
december 3,4venus brightest [new life ] moon
December 21arab spring warming tunisa [tension elicipes ]
January 8shotting
January 25 ,26arab spring  [mars burning ] goat
Febuarary 11-12mubrak step down
March 2war rising
spring equinox  march 21rising out of the under world

The Islamic manifesto

Prophecy is foretold news about any future event. In religious world, a prophecy, quite distinct from an educated and wise guess, is considered the most authentic criterion and a vital proof for the truthfulness or otherwise of a prophet. The Bible has also mentioned this test and claims that the prophecies mentioned in it shall be definitely fulfilled.

“I am the Lord; that is my…

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