One thought on “Watch “Nostradamus WARNED: Pope Francis Will Abdicate the Papacy” on YouTube

  1. Nostradamus never warned specifically about Pope Francis abdicating the papacy, or the events of 9/11, or many other things falsely attributed to him, but reality doesn’t stop people from making things up, and making sensational videos that distort the truth.
    Nostradamus’ real prophecies are amazing enough; and they focused on the early 21st century, when the nations of Islam and Christianity would experience gradually increasing conflict over the span of 27 years – this time culminating in a (limited) nuclear WWIII.
    Even before 2001, when writing my first Nostradamus book in the 1990s, it was obvious this 27 year period would begin no later than early 2002 – so I had a book manuscript ready and it was accepted for publication in September 2001.
    If I am still on target in my interpretations and the years Nostradamus described are from 2001-2028, then WWIII should be wrapping up and reaching its conclusion a decade from now. Which means that economic collapse and the Islamic Invasion of Europe are coming soon. If interested:

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