3 thoughts on “Muslim Invasion Of Europe In Historical Perspective

  1. White culture is not the center of the cosmos as many European decent
    people have been led to believe. The “dark ages” was a great time for
    black African people and Timbuktu, yes I repeat Timbuktu was the
    center of knowledge and civilization.
    White Man tells the Ignored Truths of Black History:

    The reason genuine Islamic black Africans and genuine Torah following
    Jews got along so famously during the “dark ages” is because they have
    the same One Eternal God and despise idolaters. Idolaters being
    people that worship statues and eat pork. Also, Arabic and Hebrew
    were spawned from Aramaic. Aramaic is where the word “Allah” comes
    from and it is a general term that can describe any god. The Arabic
    language surfaced 200 years after Mohammad, thus he spoke Aramaic, not
    Arabic. Yeshua, Alexander the Great, King David all spoke Aramaic or
    Yossi Gurvitz – Truth about the Talmud:

    Mainstream “Christianity” with its idolatry and scorn for the Torah
    needs to be called what it really is: satanic “Paulianity”. Asian
    Jews accepted the real hand picked disciples of Yeshua and beat the
    crap out of Paul for a good reason(Acts 21). Before Yeshua took off
    like Elijah, He left Peter in charge(Matt 16:18) but Paul the “do as
    thou wilt” follower of the Talmud claimed the foundation of
    Christianity for himself(1 Cor 3:10). Fake apostle Paul and real
    disciple Peter got in a fight over circumcising converts which Paul
    was against(Gal 2:7-14). Later, Barnabas, that was trained by the
    real disciples, and Paul’s flunky Mark said to hell with this guy Paul
    and took off to Cyprus without him(Acts 15:36-41). Yeshua never
    scorned the Law of Moses(Matt 5:17-19) but Paul obliviously did(Rom
    10:4, Gal 3:10).
    Interestingly Paul was under Yeshua’s accuser Gamaliel(acts 22:3).
    Gamaliel is the grandson of Hillel, the founder of the Talmudic
    Moreover, “Paulianity” crusades of the Templar Knights was funded by
    satanic cypto-Jew Jesuits; The same Crypto-Jew Jesuits that founded
    the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

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    1. Great info man. I’m a mystic Christian & a strict vegetarian teetotaller, & not religious Christian, & have nothing but respect for Torah Jews (real Jews to me). I firmly believe that circumcision is a sublimation of first born male sacrifice (Molluch). & the only justification for circumcision, should be a medical one.


      1. Marriage is a blood contract between a Man and a woman, sealed by a broken hymen. Circumcision is similar to a marriage, as it is a blood contract between a child/man and The One True Eternal God of Abraham, sealed by removal of foreskin. The justification of circumcision is having a spiritual contract with your Creator.
        However, Molloch is a disgusting abomination; When Satanists sell their souls they sign in blood, sacrifice and eat children. A Foreskin is not a whole child.

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