Zimbabwe elections

Watching this devious, tedious, Jesuit propped (in my opinion) old twit go through his usual shakedown of SADC & AU butt kissers & apologists is becoming par for the course. ‘Free & Fair’ hell that’s just something westerners play with. Check the old mugger as he lolls his head & uses his demon channeling voice […]

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American languages

    As an outsider looking in on American English it seems to me that there’s a tendency to Spanishify the spelling of words, eg. the dropping of the “u” after an o, & the dropping of the second “l” as in canceled. Why don’t they just declare Spanish as the 2nd official US language? […]

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Sunshine D margarine

In their latest ad on TV in South Africa a woman slathers this margarine on bread & goes “hmm 666”. What the hell are you guys thinking!? Advertisements

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Gratuitous blasphemy in audio visual entertainment

RIP Tony Soprano. I enjoyed the series except for the almost constant stream of gratuitous blasphemy spouted by the goombahs. All this trying to pass off as freedom of speech & artistic license. Who are these movie/ TV bosses? They are story tellers for goodness sake! They should be named & shamed. Freedom to tackle […]

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Marxist Con & Robbery

ZA’s Fat Julius’ (Phat? Naah!) EFF is just another name for Marxist Con & Robbery. Marxist Democracy!? That’s gotta be the oxymoron of all time, along with Nazi weltschmertz! Advertisements

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The choice is yours

If you don’t humble yourself before God you’ll have to bend your knee before Satan. Advertisements

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